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AP I Targets To Serve 3.3 Million Passengers In The Eid Period

5 April 2024

PT Angkasa Pura I (AP I) aims to serve 3.39 million passengers during the Eid period in 2024 across 15 airports, an 8% increase from the previous year. This includes overseeing 26,000 aircraft movements with 4,653 personnel.

Extra flights are being facilitated, with Juanda Airport Surabaya, Yogyakarta International Airport, and Bali I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport receiving the highest number of applications. AP I assures readiness in infrastructure and personnel to ensure smooth operations during this period.


Garuda Indonesia to expand fleet this year

4 April 2024

Garuda Indonesia announces plans to expand its fleet by eight aircraft, including Boeing 737-800 NG, Boeing 777-300ER, and Airbus A330-300, to reach a total of 80 aircraft by the end of 2024. The expansion aims to enhance occupancy rates and extend both domestic and international routes.

In 2023, the airline saw a 38% increase in flights, reaching 145,500, contributing to a revenue growth of 40% to US$2.94 billion compared to 2022. Ahead of the AidilFitri holiday season, Garuda Indonesia and its subsidiary Citilink have prepared 570 additional flights.


Kediri Dhoho Airport to Start Operations on April 5

4 April 2024

Kediri Dhoho Airport, located in East Java, is scheduled to commence operations on April 5, with low-cost carrier Citilink inaugurating round-trip flights between Jakarta and Kediri. The airport, constructed by PT Gudang Garam's subsidiary PT Surya DhohoInvestama, will accommodate flights using an A320 CEO aircraft with a capacity of 180 passengers.

This event marks a significant step in enhancing air connectivity and economic development in southern East Java. The airport, built to international standards, a passenger terminal designed to serve up to 1.5 million passengers annually initially, with capacity for 10 million passengers per year in the future.


TransNusa launches new direct domestic flights

2 April 2024

TransNusa has announced the launch of five new domestic routes aimed at bolstering tourism spending and travel. The routes include Bali to Manado, Manado to Raja Ampat, Manado to Ambon, Sorong to Ambon, and Sorong to Timika.

These routes are part of Indonesia's tourism development plans, focusing on destinations renowned for their natural beauty. The airline plans to enhance air connectivity within tourism destinations, with daily scheduled flights for each route, starting from April 5 and April 18, depending on the route.

Partnership brings 10 hydrogen VTOL jets to enhance Bali tourism

27 March 2024

Sirius Aviation AG and PARQ Development have joined forces to revolutionize sustainable air travel and tourism in Bali, Indonesia. The partnership involves the provision of 10 state-of-the-art hydrogen-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jets, along with tailored support services, representing a $50 million investment in advancing sustainable aviation initiatives.

The initiative includes the establishment of five vertiports and five hydrogen generators to facilitate VTOL operations and stimulate eco-friendly tourism and economic growth in the region. The partnership aims to introduce zero-emission tourism, sustainable development, and regional economic growth, setting a new standard in the industry. This collaboration underscores a commitment to eco-friendly aviation solutions and paves the way for future collaborations in the tourism industry.

Bell Delivers Indonesia's 1st Designer Series Bell 429 Helicopter

26 March 2024

Bell Textron Inc., a subsidiary of Textron Inc., has delivered Indonesia's first Designer Series Bell 429 helicopter to SOTA Holdings Pte Ltd. PT National Utility Helicopters (NUH) will manage and operate the helicopter for an agribusiness in East Kalimantan. Bell's Designer Series offers luxurious customization, enhancing the cabin experience with superior leathers, improved upholstery, and hardwood flooring.

The Bell 429 is praised for its multi-mission capabilities, spacious cabin, and comfortable ride, making it a popular choice in corporate, HEMS, and law enforcement sectors. With over 450 Bell 429s operating worldwide, Bell continues to provide strong aftermarket service and support, ensuring their helicopters remain operational for longer durations.

S.Korea to develop Batam airport as Indonesia's air hub

23 November 2023

State-run Incheon Airport spurs expansion of Hang Nadim International Airport,expecting the airport's passenger numbers to reach 4 million in 2023, with plans to increase it to 25 million by 2047.Through its joint venture, PT Bandara International Batam (BIB), IIAC plans to increase the operating profit of the Indonesian airport to 6 billion won ($4.6 million) in 2023, up from 300 million won in the previous year.

IIAC aims to position Batam as a top golf tourism destination in Southeast Asia and attract budget travellers. Hang Nadim International Airport, located 27 kilometers from Singapore, is anticipated to become a significant gateway connecting Northeast Asia and Indonesia.


Batam Aero Technic: Lion Air’s $550M Investment Fuels Aviation Hub Ambitions

22 March 2024

Lion Air Group has invested $550 million in Batam Aero Technic (BAT), fueling its transformation into a premier aviation maintenance hub. BAT, owned by Lion Air Group, plans to expand to 50 hectares by 2030, with a total investment target of $3.7 billion.

The facility, strategically located in a Free Trade Zone and Special Economic Zone, aims to employ 10,000 Indonesians and reduce operating costs with incentives. Lion Air's investment in BAT signifies a commitment to enhancing aviation services, potentially leading to improved connectivity and competitive airfare options for both local and international travelers.

Indonesia Needs 350 More Aircraft to Make Airfare More Affordable 

14 March 2024

Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno addresses the surge in airplane ticket prices ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, citing a need for an additional 300 to 350 aircraft to increase seat availability and lower costs. President Joko Widodo has tasked Sandiaga with acquiring more planes to address the issue.

Sandiaga advises travelers to book tickets early and suggests flexible work arrangements to accommodate early departures. With an anticipated 56.4% increase in Eid travelers compared to the previous year, Sandiaga emphasizes the importance of early planning and encourages companies to disburse Eid bonuses sooner.

BBN Airlines Indonesia secures additional AOC

11 March 2024

BBN Airlines Indonesia has recently been granted an additional Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for commercial passenger flights by the Indonesia DGCA. This certification underscores the airline's commitment to providing safe and efficient air travel services in Indonesia.

BBN Airlines Indonesia is also expanding its operational scope to cover the Asia-Pacific region, anticipating demand from countries like India and China. Currently equipped with three Boeing 737-800 fleets for passenger charters and cargo planes, the airline plans to increase its fleet to 40 aircraft by 2027 to meet rising demands both domestically and internationally.


Textron Aviation celebrates first Cessna SkyCourier order in Indonesia

10 March 2024

Textron Aviation and PT Smart Aviation celebrated the purchase agreement for Indonesia's first Cessna SkyCourier, along with four Cessna Grand Caravan EXs, at the Singapore Airshow.

The deal, signed at Textron Aviation's display, marks PT Smart Aviation's expansion into weather modification, cargo, and passenger flights. The new aircraft will bolster PT Smart's fixed-wing fleet, supporting operations in remote Indonesian areas and advancing aviation capabilities in the country. Deliveries are set to commence in 2026.


Expanding Training Capacities: PT JATC & U-Wing Partner 

22 February 2024

PT JATC, a leading simulator training provider in Indonesia, has partnered with U-Wing Simulation. This collaboration, solidified through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding aims to combine the strengths and resources of both companies to enhance training delivery capabilities in Jakarta.

Central to this venture is the introduction of an A320 Neo Standard V2.1 into a 4-bay training facility, strategically located to serve the needs of aspiring pilots in Indonesia and beyond. By leveraging U-Wing's technological expertise, the joint venture aims to offer realistic and convenient training solutions tailored to the evolving needs of customers.

Alpha Aviation Group Expands Pilot Training Reach in Indonesia

21 February 2024

Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FlyBest Flight Academy that will see them together set up a new Flying Training Organisation (FTO) in Indonesia, marking AAG's expansion into international pilot training. The collaboration aims to upgrade training aircraft, develop new facilities, and provide localized training opportunities.

Based in the Riau Province, the FTO will capitalize on the region's strategic location and incentives for aviation training. AAG is also enhancing its Philippines training center with a new A320 Full Flight Simulator and expanded services, following a surge in pilot cadet enrolments post-Covid. The move reflects AAG's commitment to supporting aviation industries in the Philippines and Indonesia while reducing training costs and fostering regional expertise.

Gov. Opens Opportunities For Airbus To Participate In Developing The Indo Aviation Industry

20 February 2024

The Ministry of Transportation in Indonesia has expressed openness to collaboration between international aircraft manufacturer Airbus and national airlines to foster the development of the aviation industry in Indonesia. Collaboration opportunities could include aircraft parts manufacturing and various flight support equipment.

The government aims to expand cooperation with Airbus. With growing demand for flights in Indonesia and the opening of new major airports, the government plans to increase the number of Airbus aircraft operating in Indonesian airlines. Minister Budi also hopes for cooperation in enhancing human resources capacity through aviation industry training programs, aiming for the advancement of Indonesia's civil aviation industry.

Garuda Indonesia to add eight aircraft this year – reports

14 February 2024

Garuda Indonesia will add eight aircraft to its fleet over calendar 2024. The reported additions include four B737-800s, two B777-300ERs, and two A330-300s. However, CEO Irfan Setiaputra's recent comments suggest uncertainty regarding the widebodies, indicating a potential delay in their acquisition.

While negotiations for additional wet-leased widebodies for the Hajj season are in progress, Garuda's focus remains on existing network assumptions. The airline added four leased B737-800s in 2023, with Setiaputra emphasizing fleet renewal decisions by year-end, likely between the B737-8 and A320N types for a prospective order of 40-50 aircraft.


AirNav Indonesia aims for efficient digital flight data management

29 January 2024

AirNav Indonesia, the state-run air navigation service provider, is focusing on digitizing flight-related information to enhance efficiency., according to President Director Polana B. Pramesti.Pramesti highlighted the need to transition from printed to digital formats due to technological advancements in aircraft cockpits and flight data management.

Since 2020, AirNav Indonesia has introduced Nav-earth and Nav-gate, offering integrated access to various flight data and information, eliminating the need for paper printouts. Pramesti emphasized the importance of collaboration with industry experts to facilitate the digital transformation process, ensuring optimal navigation services and data distribution in Indonesia.

CPaT Global wins deal from Indonesia’s Lion Group 

17 January 2024

CPaT Global, along with its representative in Indonesia, announced a new partnership with Lion Group Training Centre that provides centralised training for airlines to provide Aircraft Systems and General Subjects Computer-Based Training (CBT) for pilot programs. This collaboration aims to enhance training quality and safety across Lion Group's airlines.

The partnership underscores Lion Group's commitment to delivering top-notch training services and elevating pilot skills. Captains Greg Darrow and Taufik Hidayat expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing its importance in maintaining safety and excellence within the Indonesian airline industry.

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