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Vietnam Airlines operates its first flight using Neste’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel

29 May 2024

Vietnam Airlines operated its first flight using Neste’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on May 27, 2024. An Airbus A321 was refueled with blended SAF at Changi Airport in Singapore for its return flight to Hanoi, making Vietnam Airlines the first in Vietnam to use SAF for commercial flights.

This also marked the first Asia-Pacific airline to utilize Neste’s SAF at Changi Airport. Neste produced and supplied the SAF, aiming to support the aviation industry's decarbonization efforts. Both companies expressed their commitment to sustainable aviation and future collaboration to reduce emissions.

A330neo being acquired by Malaysia Airlines meets latest emissions standard

30 May 2024

Malaysia Airlines' new A330neo aircraft are the first certified by EASA for ICAO's latest CO2 emissions standard. The 20 planes, to be delivered from this year until 2028, offer a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions with Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines.

They feature advanced cabins and can fly 7,200 nm non-stop. The A330neo is compatible with up to 50% sustainable aviation fuel, aiming for 100% by 2030. The A330 family has nearly 1,800 orders, making it a leading widebody aircraft.

Gov't to pump another $325mn into Thai Airways

31 May 2023

Thailand's Ministry of Finance plans to invest THB12 billion (USD325.5 million) in Thai Airways by October 2024 and aims to relist the airline on the Stock Exchange of Thailand by mid-2025. The airline's financial performance has improved due to cost reductions, operational efficiencies, and a stronger local currency.

The Finance Ministry will retain around a 40% stake, with majority control shifting to the private sector. The investment plan requires court approval, expected later this year. Thai Airways reported a first-quarter net profit of THB2.423 billion (USD65.9 million). The airline operates a fleet of 77 aircraft, serving 64 destinations in 29 countries.

FTAI Aviation Agrees to Purchase Lockheed Martin Commercial Engines Solutions

30 May 2024

FTAI Aviation Ltd. has agreed to purchase Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions (LMCES) for $170 million, pending regulatory approval, expected to close in the second half of 2024. LMCES, a 526,000-square-foot engine maintenance facility in Montréal, specializes in CFM56 engine repairs and has the capacity for 900 modules annually.

This acquisition will boost FTAI’s Maintenance, Repair, and Exchange (MRE) business and establish manufacturing capabilities in Canada. FTAI plans to expand its customer base and create a center of excellence for repairs in Montréal.

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